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How to Keep up With Your Oven Maintenance at Home

It is essential to keep up with your oven maintenance if you want an appliance that works efficiently at mealtime. Maintaining your oven ranges from keeping it clean to knowing when it is time to call a professional.

Deep Clean Your Oven Regularly

You should give your oven a deep cleaning at least twice a year. If your oven is used daily, it is better to deep clean it every few months. The last thing you want is burnt food impacting the operation of your oven and the taste of each meal.

Unplug Your Oven Before Cleaning

While it is okay to keep your oven plugged in while quickly wiping down the stovetop or glass window, it must be unplugged before you start cleaning the inside or the entire appliance. Leaving an electrical appliance plugged in while dealing with excessive water and liquid cleaners can lead to electrocution.

Remember to Clean the Racks

Your food goes through the racks to reach the bottom of your oven, and this causes particles such as burnt crumbs or melted cheese to accumulate on the racks. Your racks need to be regularly cleaned to remove the built-up burnt and melted food particles.

Check Before Removing the Knobs

With some ovens, the knobs cannot be removed because they are connected to the main control system. Attempting to remove the knobs on these ovens increases your risk of electrocution. Therefore, you need to check the manual to ensure the knobs can be removed before you start cleaning.

Inspect an Electric Stove’s Element Burners

If you own an electric stove, inspect the inside stovetop and inside of the oven to ensure the element burners are in good condition. Filthy burners should be cleaned, removing everything from burnt to melted pieces. However, damaged burners must be replaced immediately.

Inspect the Oven Door’s Gasket

Inspecting and replacing the door’s gasket is an important part of maintaining your oven. The gasket is the rubber piece that runs along the oven door, and it is designed to trap heat. When your gasket wears down, your oven does not work smoothly because heat is leaking out.

Inspect Your Oven’s Gas Line

The oven’s gas line, or electrical cord for an electric oven, must be inspected at least once a year to ensure it is in good condition. A gas line or an electrical cord that is worn down must be replaced immediately to keep the oven working properly.

Clean the Range Hood Filter

The range hood and fan should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year. You can clean the filter by soaking it in a large container of water, dish detergent, and baking soda. Rinse and thoroughly dry the filter before replacing it. In addition, you want to clean behind the range at least twice a year.

Clean Around Your Oven

It is not uncommon for crumbs and other debris to accumulate around your oven, and these elements can block airflow and even increase the risk of a fire. This is why you need to take the time to clean around and under your oven.

Even with proper maintenance, there may come a time when a professional needs to inspect and repair your oven. If you are looking for high-quality repairs for stoves and ovens in Sterling Heights, MI, then contact AJ’s Appliance Repair to schedule an appointment.

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