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Five Ways to Cook Meals This Summer Without Using the Oven

Woman heating food at microwave

As the weather gets hotter, your house will feel like an oven. When you turn the oven on to cook, the kitchen will feel twice as hot. If you can’t stand the heat, try something new in the kitchen. These alternatives reduce heat without sacrificing the foods you love. 1. Cook Meals With Small Appliances […]

4 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Dryer in Winter

Washing machines, dryer and other domestic appliances

Michigan winters are so harsh that you don’t want to deal with a broken dryer. Leaving your clothes outside to dry will just result in the water on them freezing. Trying to dry them with heaters is a fire hazard. You may not have enough time in your schedule to hit the laundromat either. With […]

Finding the Best Microwave This Holiday Season

Woman using a microwave

Microwaves can make things so convenient. Whether you have to warm up leftovers, melt butter, or heat up water or soup quickly, a microwave can work wonders, giving you whatever you need within a few minutes. If you need a new microwave for the upcoming holiday season, several factors should influence your decision. Microwave Style […]