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Finding the Best Microwave This Holiday Season

Microwaves can make things so convenient. Whether you have to warm up leftovers, melt butter, or heat up water or soup quickly, a microwave can work wonders, giving you whatever you need within a few minutes. If you need a new microwave for the upcoming holiday season, several factors should influence your decision.

Microwave Style

Think about what type of microwave would suit you best. If you’re replacing a built-in microwave or an over-the-range unit, you’ll probably want to stick with the type of microwave you’ve already had. This way, it can fit perfectly. Some other kitchens are good candidates for other types of microwaves, like ones that go under counters or those placed on top of counters. Countertop units may be the most straightforward option since they don’t require any special installation. When making your decision, think about what location would be the easiest to access. If mobility might be an issue, it could be a better idea to place your microwave on or underneath a countertop rather than higher up.


The location of the microwave could affect your size limitations. However, you still have options when designing a new kitchen. Some microwaves are fairly short but wide, and they could work for many situations. However, if you plan on putting larger items in the microwave, you’ll need something taller.


Microwaves come with different wattages. Wattage refers to the amount of power that the unit uses to heat food. A microwave oven that uses between 600 to 800 watts would be ideal for heating small dishes. In contrast, a microwave with 800 to 1,000 watts could do a better job of heating larger dishes and even defrosting items. Microwaves with more than 1,000 watts are very powerful and offer more versatility. If you plan on cooking vegetables or potatoes, for example, in the microwave for the holidays, you’re probably going to be better off with a microwave that uses at least 1,000 watts.

Special Features

A microwave could be more helpful during the holidays if it has special features. A convection microwave can double as a convection oven, which can come in handy when you have multiple dishes to prepare during large gatherings. These units have heating elements and fans that work together to circulate hot air, allowing you to bake and roast food. With this kind of microwave, you can roast a chicken, bake a cake, or cook a lasagna or a casserole while your oven works on other dishes.

Additionally, microwaves can be set up with pre-set cooking times, inverters that let them heat food more gently, grilling elements, and steaming options. Some modern units even have sensors that let them adjust cooking time and power level according to the steam being released from food. When you have so much going on during the holidays, it can be nice to let your microwave handle more responsibilities.

A Useful Appliance

A microwave can be useful, especially if you choose one that has multiple functions. If you need help picking out or maintaining a microwave in Sterling Heights, MI, you can turn to the team at AJ’s Appliance Repair & HVAC.

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