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5 Signs Your Stove Is on the Fritz

While stoves are built to last, nothing works forever. Luckily, there are some clues that can indicate that a change is coming. The following are some warning signs that you need a new stove.

1. Burners Do Not Heat Properly or At All

If you notice that your burners are not heating properly or at all, this may be a warning sign that you need to replace your stove. If the flame on your gas stove is no longer burning blue and the burner is clean, you more than likely need a new one because this is a sign of component failure. On electric stoves, including those that have ceramic tops, the coils must turn bright red when you turn them on high. If you do not see your coils turning a bright red color, components may be rusted or corroded, and replacing your stove will be the only solution. If you have a conduction cooktop stove and notice that it takes a significantly long time to bring what you are cooking to a boil, components are likely malfunctioning.

2. You Smell Gas

If you have a gas stove that has a crack in it that allows gas to leak out, you need to replace your stove because there is no way to repair this problem. Gas leaks are deadly because they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. You will notice there is a gas leak because you will smell the gas. Since natural gas does not have a smell, utility companies add fragrant additives that will alert you to a gas leak.

If you have a gas stove and smell gas even though your stove is not on, leave the house, and call immediately for help. An appliance repair specialist will check your stove to see if a crack is present.

3. Your Oven Heats Unevenly or Stops Working

If your stove has an oven built into it and your oven does not heat evenly or stops working, this is a warning sign that you need to completely replace your stove. The average lifespan of a stove is 15 years, and they are prone to break down after this time has elapsed.

4. Your Stove Has a Cracked Surface

If you have an electric stove with a tempered glass top and you notice a crack in it, you need to replace it immediately. There is no way you can safely cook on a stove with a cracked top.

5. The Control Panel Fails

The control panel on an electrical stove is like the motherboard on a computer. If it breaks, it is more expensive to repair or replace the control panel than it is to purchase a new stove. You will notice your control panel is going bad if buttons no longer work or if those controls malfunction when you press them.

An appliance repair specialist can help you choose the right type and size stove for your home. If you see any of these warning signs in your stove and need a new one for your Sterling Heights, MI home, contact AJ’s Appliance Repair & HVAC for new stoves and ovens today.

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